SlashFilm Readers Reveal Henry Cavill’s Best Role

From his turn as mustachioed CIA operative August Walker in “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” to his various DC film appearances as the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill has had an enviable career any actor could be proud of. What’s perhaps most impressive about the British star is his almost militaristic drive to succeed, which has manifested in his career as a Tom Cruise-esque insistence on doing his own stunts. Not only was he the only actor who could keep up with Cruise on “Fallout,” Cavill basically became an unofficial stunt coordinator on “The Witcher” season 3.

So, as the actor prepares for the next phase of his career, we come to the question of his greatest role so far. Responses to our Facebook post on this topic saw our informed readers highlighting Clark Kent/Superman, Geralt of Rivia, and August Walker as the actor’s finest portrayals. João Rocha Spark, for instance, delivered this ranking: “1) ‘Man of Steel’ 2) ‘The Witcher’ 3) ‘Mission:Impossible — Fallout’ 4) ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'” Meanwhile, DJ Malmberg registered this incisive comment: “‘Fallout’ by a mile. As Superman he just seems kind of bored. Let him play a bit of a prick and he completely comes alive.”

It’s true that Cavill possesses a unique smarm that works in the context of his more villainous roles. If you think that’s a little unfair, Tom Burnham was on-hand to provide this more positive spin: “I feel we haven’t seen his best yet. That being said, in my opinion, he is a phenomenal actor.” And Sean Deome felt Cavill’s best was “soon to come in ‘Warhammer 40,000.'” Elsewhere, the actor’s Sherlock Holmes, from Netflix’s Milly Bobby Brown starring “Enola Holmes” films, got a few mentions. But overall it was basically a tie between Geralt, Superman, and Walker.

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