SNL Quizzes Pedro Pascal On The Big Hollywood Movies And Shows That No One Has Actually Seen

“The Big Hollywood Quiz” is not the only jab “SNL” made last night at the expense of the modern TV landscape. “HBO Mario Kart” also took aim at the clichés in gritty prestige television by envisioning an HBO adaptation of the beloved Nintendo racing games. With the help of some surprisingly expensive-looking CGI, “SNL” may have just outdone the Sesame Street/Joker parody they did back in fall 2019, which satirized the trend of gritty takes on once family-friendly characters by picking the most absurd kids’ show to base a dark reboot around. 

If you liked these sketches, you’ll probably also enjoy the game show sketch “Can I Play That?” which pokes fun at popular Twitter takes on what sort of characters an actor is and isn’t allowed to play. There’s also “Funny New Comedy,” which parodies the growing trend of half-hour shows that are technically categorized as comedies, but are they comedies? Are they really? Say what you will about the consistency of “SNL” over the years, but when it comes to making fun of TV trends in particular, their observational humor is almost always on point. 

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