South Park Season 26 Sets Comedy Central Return, Watch The Trailer Now

Even after all of these years, “South Park” still occasionally finds ways to be the most cutting-edge show on television. Sure, the show certainly doesn’t always hit the mark, but when it does, it provides some of the best moments in TV history. Despite its short run for season 25, the episode “Help, My Teenager Hates Me!” made such an impact, it was included in our list of moments that defined TV in 2022. The first teaser for season 26 doesn’t show much outside of Butters in a … questionable predicament, with something clearly about to be inserted up his butthole while his parents look on. Stephen and Linda Stotch aren’t known for their solid parenting skills, so it’s more than likely that Butters is heading into a procedure that he doesn’t need, and is inspired by some random ridiculousness that’s being completely overblown.

“South Park” season 26 will premiere Wednesday, February 8, 2023, on Comedy Central where it has aired on Wednesday nights since 1997. The new season will also roll out on Comedy Central internationally throughout 2023. All-new episodes will be available to stream in HD on,, and the Comedy Central App post-premiere. The episodes will eventually cross over to HBO Max following the season’s run.

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