Sparks Fly Between Adonis Creed And Every Boxer’s Girlfriend From Every Boxing Movie About Boxing Ever On SNL

With Michael B. Jordan hosting in part to promote his upcoming movie “Creed III,” we should’ve expected something like this. Angel starts off her segment complaining about how Creed beat up her husband in a boxing match so badly that “there’s no more clams in his chowder!” It seems like she hates Creed, but when Adonis Creed himself shows up to surprise her, her feelings towards him turn out to be far more complicated than we thought.

“You remember Lil’ Nicky? He’s yours,” she tells him. How did poor Tommy never get suspicious that his son is half-Black? Angel’s got a simple explanation: “Tommy don’t see color … He don’t see any colors, numbers, or shapes! His potato is baked, Creedy!”

Man, what a mess. It’s sad to know that in the four years since Angel and Tommy reunited, things between them have fallen so far. Back in 2018, Tommy was sharp enough to somehow figure out Angel was pregnant before she did, and now he’s “watching more Sesame Street” than his own kids. There’s also an incredibly dark joke here where Angel refers to one of her kids as “the twin,” implying that the other twin has died at some point. 

At least Angel gets a break of sorts at the end of this segment, as she reconciles with Creed after all this time. He tells her “you’re coming home with me tonight,” and she agrees. Usually we’d be worried that Tommy might found out about this and have his heart broken, but it doesn’t seem like he’s capable of figuring it out anytime soon.

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