Spencer Breslin Set For Ashley Berry ‘Waiting for Rainbows’ Adaptation

Spencer Breslin, Stacey Dash and Taryn Manning are set to star in “Four,” a feature adaptation of Ashley Berry’s memoir “Waiting for Rainbows.”

Meghan Carrasquillo (“What Lies Behind the Walls”) will star in the film as Berry, a woman struggling with infertility who eventually turns to adoption.

Breslin (“The Santa Clause 3”) will play Berry’s husband Cal while Dash (“Clueless”) will play social worker Beth. Manning (“Orange is the New Black”) stars as Dr. Brice.

“A small-town couple with big dreams of making their family complete must persevere through infertility and tragedy,” reads the longline. “Hope and fear may come and go, but with love as their rock, they vow to withstand the storm… together.”

The film adaptation has been retitled “Four.”

“Watching ‘Four’ come to life was a very surreal experience to be a part of,” Berry says. “I can only hope that by sharing our story it will give so many others the drive to keep fighting for their dreams.”

“Just when you think a heart has been broken beyond repair, a true story like this reminds us that love can bring us off our knees so we can live again,” says Megan Williams, CEO of Forbes featured publishing house, TSPA Inc, which published “Waiting For Rainbows.”

The screenplay was written by Berry together with Kate Queen (“Expired”). Canyon Prince (“Hard Sun”) directs.

Producers are James Cullen Bressack (“Hot Seat”), Kris Black (“Feud: Betty and Joan”), Canyon Prince (“Hard Sun”) together with Queen, Berry, Williams and Bruce Chan (“Darkness of Man”).

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