Stan Lee Believed Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man Movies Would Do For The Hero What Marvel Comics Never Could

Paul Rudd spoke about meeting Stan Lee and the reason why he was so excited to see Ant-Man on the big screen. As he recalled: 

“One of the most incredible experiences I’ve had working on the Marvel films is getting to meet Stan Lee. One of the things he told me was how happy he was they were making Ant-Man as a film. He felt in the comics; it was very tough to really gauge the scale. If you’re drawing Ant-Man, you can’t really draw other things at the proper scale. So audiences were going to finally see Ant-Man in the way that he always envisioned Ant-Man.”

That makes total sense. Comic book panels are small, and if you’re going to have your hero big enough for readers to make out on the page, you’re not going to be able to get a lot of clear background in when he’s shrunk down. When he’s Giant-Man, anything below him or around him would be very tiny. 

Just adding a little story of my own here, I used to co-host a web series with Stan Lee called “Cocktails with Stan.” We talked about Ant-Man once, long before the film was announced, and he said that was one of the characters he really wanted to see done on camera in some way. He said he never thought it would happen but joked, and I quote, “They’d better give me a good cameo in that one!” He was the best!

“Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania,” which is directed by Peyton Reed, will hit theaters on February 17, 2023. 

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