Stanley Kubrick Came Close To Casting Steve Martin In Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut Role

As the actor recalled, he accepted Kubrick’s invitation and arrived at his home the next day. Over the span of two hours, Martin was granted access to the director’s vast archives, played chess, and wandered the legendary home. However, perhaps the most notable aspect of the visit came when they visited the pool room, and we should probably let de Semlyen explain what happened next.

“Later that afternoon, they visited the pool room, where Martin smelled something awful: it turned out one of Kubrick’s dogs had crapped all over a nearby hallway,” he wrote from Martin’s recollections. “The filmmaker didn’t acknowledge the reek.”

So, that’s something! Anyways, it remains unclear why this initial version of “Eyes Wide Shut” failed to materialize — perhaps it had to do with a lack of marketability, or maybe Kubrick was asking for a budget that studios deemed too high. No matter what, the film famously then got back on track in 1994, resulting in the demented Christmas classic we all know and, hopefully, love today. It probably would’ve been just the tiniest bit better with Martin as the lead, though.

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