Star Wars, Life Guards Versus Elder Gods, And Alice Is (Still) Missing

If you’ve read any tabletop coverage at /Film, you already know we’re big fans of “Alice Is Missing,” the silent roleplaying game from designer Spenser Starke. Not only did we review the game back in 2022, but we also covered the announcement of an “Alice Is Missing” film last year and shared our thoughts on what could make the adaptation successful. But while the pandemic may have allowed “Alice Is Missing” to cross over into the mainstream, a new expansion ensures that there will be plenty more mysteries to solve with your friends.

“Alice Is Missing: Silent Falls” is an expansion of the original game — not a new story set in the same universe. By adding new options to the character creation and gameplay, including new relationship and clue cards, the designers have promised 38 new cards to the game. As Kickstarter noted, the goal is to allow players to “rediscover the game,” especially those who have played through a few times and have begun to optimize more than immerse.

Since “Alice Is Missing” is itself a love letter to community-based mysteries like “Veronica Mars” and “Twin Peaks,” a new expansion for the game will also help drum up interest for the feature adaptation. Indeed, it remains perhaps the best introduction to roleplaying that I’ve ever seen. With a wealth of available new games and systems, convincing people to try their hand at more complicated tabletop games might be tricky. But with its phone-first design, “Alice Is Missing” is the perfect introduction to collaborative storytelling for people of every experience level.

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