Stephen King Adaptation Billy Summers Changes From Limited Series To Feature Film

“The Last Samurai” screenwriter Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz are on board to pen the script, while no cast is officially attached to the project yet. New York Times bestseller “Billy Summers” isn’t your typical Stephen King horror story; instead, it’s a noirish thriller about an Iraq war vet turned assassin who’s hoping to finish one last job before giving the life up for good. So kind of like “Barry,” but through told King-style.

The project is one of many King adaptations in the works, with Warner Bros. also set to release a much-needed (and scary-sounding) update on one of the author’s classics, “Salem’s Lot.” Love for the prolific horror author’s work can’t be confined to one studio, though, as Netflix is doing “The Talisman” with the Duffer Brothers, Lucy Liu is starring in a “Later” series for Blumhouse, Bryan Fuller has a new version of “Christine” in the works, and Edgar Wright’s apparently working on his take on “The Running Man.” “Billy Summers” joins the ranks of some highly anticipated projects from the horror master, as this is far from an exhaustive list.

There is no set release date for “Billy Summers” at this time.

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