Storyboard Media, Baremo Films, Murillo Cine Co-Produce Thriller

In what marks a first for Chile’s Storyboard Media, Baremo Films of Mexico has boarded its psychological thriller “Quizas es cierto lo que dicen de nosotras” (“Maybe It’s True What They’re Saying About Us”), which has been shooting in Santiago since Feb. 1 and will wrap later this month. 

Written and directed by Sofía Gomez (“Trastornos del sueño”) and Camilo Becerra (“Perro muerto”), the co-production also involves Chile’s La Jauria Cine as well as Argentina’s Murillo Cine and HDArgentina.

“We’re delighted to have our first co-production with Mexico, which is such an important market, given its relevance in terms of promotion and visibility in our region,” said Storyboard Media’s Gabriela Sandoval and Carlos Núñez.

The co-production pact with Baremo Films’ Pablo Modragon was closed at the Berlinale, said Sandoval.

“Few films so powerfully combine such a stark anecdote with deep and intimate spiritual mastery in an age where searches for identity are becoming increasingly complex,” said Mondragon, adding: “This film is a challenge and a perfect collaboration to achieve yet another creative hybridization between our countries.” 

Aline Kuppenheim (“1976,” “Young and Wild”) leads a cast that includes Camila Roeschmann, Julia Lubbert and Alessandra Guerzoni.

Kuppenheim plays Ximena whose estranged daughter Tamara reappears in her life to tell her that her newborn son has been sacrificed by the sect she has joined. As Ximena attempts to help her daughter report the crime, she begins to wonder whether her daughter is a victim or was actually complicit in the atrocity. Her mother’s instinct kicks in as she helps her daughter to evade arrest.

As both a producer and composer, Mondragón’s credits include “Antes la lluvia” and “Lupe Under the Sun.” As a musician, he has won a Diosa de Plata award and has collaborated on various scores for films from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, San Salvador and Spain. 

With his new company SCRIPTsounding, founded with Grammy Award-winning sound designer-mixer Ricardo Arteaga and sound artist Adriana Santiago, they carry out research, conceptualization and design of sound and musical material.

They have collaborated on several multi-award-winning films including “499” by Rodrigo Reyes, “La Piel Pulpo” by Ana Cristina Barragán, “Rebellion” by Jose Luis Rugeles and “Todos los peces” by Brenda Vanegas.

Maybe It’s True What They’re Saying About Us
Courtesy of Storyboard Media

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