Strange New Worlds’ Ethan Peck Still Hears Spock’s Lines In Leonard Nimoy’s Voice

In the latest concern of SFX, Ethan Peck defined his methodology for bringing one of many world’s most recognizable characters to life in a brand new approach:

“It sounds crazy, but I still hear [Leonard Nimoy’s] voice in my head. When I’m preparing for a scene I definitely check in with the voice of Leonard’s Spock in my head and ask myself, does this sound like Spock, is this Spock? But I don’t necessarily think about how Leonard would play Spock. It’s more like I sort of internalized Leonard’s version of Spock, or I’ve done my best to internalize Leonard’s version of Spock, and it’s something I check in with very frequently when I’m working.”

Peck’s model of Spock is certainly not mimicking Nimoy, and that is to the character’s profit, as he’s youthful, extra impulsive, and extra emotional than the Spock followers know from the unique sequence. The “Strange New Worlds” Spock is delightfully human, studying reconcile the 2 sides of himself as the best Starfleet officer. Peck performs that youthful ardour to perfection, and he is nicely conscious that his Spock is far more human than he has been in some other iteration. That’s the purpose, although, and it makes watching the character really feel new regardless of the half-Vulcan being a cultural touchstone. 

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