Succession Director Mark Mylod Set Emotional ‘Traps’ For The Stars All Throughout The Series

Luckily, the “Succession” directors understood Strong’s unique way of working and were willing to play ball in order to evoke the kind of groundbreaking performances that only he is capable of. This involved a rather unprecedented level of communication between the actor and the props department, particularly when it came to Kendall’s extravagant birthday bash. The party was a carefully curated event where Kendall was as demanding and spoiled as ever — so, of course, Strong followed suit. Some of his special requests for the episode included a flashy neckpiece and customized drink stirrers.

“I asked them to make a drink stirrer with my face on it, like 3D printed, with a crown,” he revealed to GQ. “So they did.”

One of the most heartbreaking moments of this episode — which itself acts as an exploration into Kendall’s troubled psyche — is when the show’s dark prince searches fruitlessly for the gift his children have given him among a pile of expensive presents from faceless party guests. This was another instance where the “Succession” props department went the extra mile so as to immerse Strong in the scene.

“One big thing was we decided we didn’t want to have a bunch of empty boxes,” said the episode’s director, Lorene Scafaria, in an interview with Vulture. “We didn’t want that usual movie magic, where the pile of supposed presents is a bunch of empty boxes with no actual presents inside. We tried to fill as many boxes as we could, so if Jeremy really got into it and started ripping things open, if he started breaking things, if he started stepping on things, he wouldn’t be feeling some fake empty boxes and be taken out of the moment.”

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