Succession Finale Theory Suggests The Biggest Betrayal Was Hiding In Plain Sight

So what was Wambsganss so well-known for? During the fifth inning of the 1920 World Series, he pulled off the one unassisted triple play in World Series historical past. He had an honest profession as a baseball participant, enjoying within the main leagues for over a decade, however the one factor anybody ever remembers about him is the triple play. In the oral historical past “The Glory of Their Times” by Lawrence Ritter, Wambsganss revealed simply how a lot that single occasion adopted him:

“Funny thing, I played in the big leagues for 13 years, 1914 through 1926, and the only thing that anybody seems to remember is that once I made an unassisted triple play in a World Series. Many don’t even remember the team I was on, or the position I played, or anything. Just Wambsganss-unassisted triple play! You’d think I was born on the day before and died on the day after.”

Tom Wambsgans managed to drag his personal unassisted triple play, taking down all three of the contending Roy siblings nearly fully on his personal. Sure, you may argue that he had Greg (Nicholas Braun), however the gangly cousin has been extra of a hazard than a assist and would (and did) backstab him at any alternative. Tom has just about at all times been on his personal, but he took down a few of the most conniving power-players on the market. Then once more, he did study from among the best.

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