Succession Put Brian Cox’s Head On A Stunt Double’s Body To Film Logan’s Death

“At some point we wanted to absolutely, definitively and clearly say, yes, that is Logan and he is dead,” Mylod defined, noting that he selected to not focus a lot on the physique all through the episode. The filmmaking selection is impactful because it provides viewers the identical sense of uncertainty the Roy youngsters really feel — the sense that if we will not truly see Logan, he won’t be lifeless. Mylod in the end determined to chop to Logan when Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) put the cellphone beside his face whereas the youngsters tried to speak to him. Mylod notes that this is perhaps “the cruelest way” to substantiate Logan’s demise to viewers, noting that there is “almost [a] kind of coziness of the fireside chat of having the phone up against his ear.”

Once the crew determined precisely how they wished to disclose Logan’s physique, that they had to determine how you can do real looking chest compressions with out injuring Cox. Apparently, there are stunt doubles who’re in a position to face up to the sturdy stress concerned within the movement. “Chest compressions, it’s a one-inch compression so it can damage your ribcage so we had a stunt person come in so that we could do those for real,” Mylod defined, calling the technique for the shot a “rare cheat” in an episode that also accommodates a powerful sense of verisimilitude.

Cox was nonetheless concerned within the shot, although he solely needed to seem briefly. “I asked Brian to come in one day and literally to lie down for 10 seconds,” Mylod shares. “I’d lined it all up, I put a marker on the floor exactly where his head should be.” In Vanity Fair’s video, Mylod outlines which components of the shot are Cox and that are the stunt double, who supplied solely the torso a part of the picture.

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