Succession’s Sarah Snook Has Her Own Explanation For Shiv’s CEO Vote

“I think it’s trigger response,” said Snook. “It’s scratching an open wound that is always there with the siblings and this was in the script in the big print — when she sees Kendall put his feet up on Dad’s desk? There’s something in her that goes like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ Sorry to swear, but ‘Motherf***er!'” 

Sarah Snook has an incredible grasp on the character of Shiv Roy and has already gone on record to say that she would never be friends with someone like her in real life. Which means she also knows how Shiv feels inside and out. There was no way she could vote for Kendall, because that would have been a vote for the status quo. “It’s just going to be the same as it always has been: I will always be pushed out,” she said. “I don’t think she’s decided in that moment when they’re in Dad’s office to say no. But once it gets down to it in the room, she just can’t physically bear to say yes.”

Snook also told Variety that director Mark Mylod had the crew film Shiv actually going back into the room to officially vote, but that it wasn’t a big scene which is why it inevitably wasn’t included. “And then the fallout after that of realizing that Tom is CEO, and where do I stand and all of that — I guess that processing comes as it’s been signed in the other boardroom scene with [Lukas] Matsson, and in the car. And then after, once the camera’s finished rolling, where does she go now?”

Alas, the final question is one we will have to headcanon.

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