Taylor Sheridan’s Process For 1923 Was A ‘Puzzle’ Harrison Ford Was Happy To Solve

In the interview, Ford spoke about how he normally deals with lines he doesn’t feel like his character would say. He said, “If the words don’t fit my mouth, we’ve got to change the words.” However, as the publication points out, Taylor Sheridan doesn’t do rewrites. Ford said of the process:

“Once in a while, we’d have an issue with that. But life doesn’t do rewrites. You get a shot at something, and that’s what happened. I really committed to saying Taylor’s words because it’s fun for me to puzzle it out.”

That certainly says a lot about Sheridan’s work, having an Academy Award-winning actor decide to change how he deals with script disagreements and call them “fun.” Of course, Sheridan is pulling in actors like Ford, Helen Mirren, Timothy Dalton, and Nicole Kidman, who is set to star in “Lioness.” 

Ford has been called a “team player” on set by director and cinematographer Ben Richardson (“1883,” “Mayor of Kingstown,” “Tulsa King”). Brian Geraghty, who plays the Dutton’s ranch foreman Zane, told me in an interview that Ford is out there in the cold conditions with the rest of the actors, warming up in the van between takes, and said it’s hard to keep up with him on a horse. 

Everyone cross your fingers that Jacob Dutton lives through the rest of season 1 so he can return for the next one.

“1923” is currently streaming on Paramount+.

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