Ted Lasso Season 3 Is ‘F******* Awesome,’ According To Bill Lawrence And Brett Goldstein, See The First Look

Although “Ted Lasso” has always been a heartwarming show, the character arc of Nate (Nick Mohammed) has been the one bold exception. Throughout season 2, Nate grows increasingly self-centered and spiteful, culminating in a finale where Nate leaks private information about Ted (Jason Sudeikis) to the press and becomes the captain of AFC Richmond’s rival team. We don’t know how this new dynamic is going to shake out, or how the perpetually-optimistic Ted is going to deal long-term with such a betrayal. How will such a nice show deal with this sort of rivalry?

Our best bet is that it’s going to be tense, funny, and most of all, conclusive. It may have seemed like a strange choice for the show to end after only three seasons, but it’s good in that it ensures we’ll soon probably get definitive closure to so many of the storylines season 2 left open. So many Emmy-winning comedies of the past have ended up dragging on for eight, nine, even 10 seasons, but “Lasso” has wisely chosen to avoid going down that path. We want “Ted Lasso” to end on a high note, still firing on all cylinders rather than exhausting its premise and its characters; if the early comments made by Lawrence and Goldstein are anything to go on, it looks like season 3 may accomplish just that. 

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