The 10 Most Disturbing Moments From M3GAN

After breaking free from Gemma’s lab, M3GAN comes upon the Funki CEO, David, in a hallway. At first, he’s confused, but that quickly changes when M3GAN does a bizarrely unnatural TikTok-style dance before ripping off the blade of a paper cutter and coming after him. She follows David down the hallway with a precision that would make the T-1000 proud. In the elevator, David sees his assistant Curt, who frantically hits the button to shut the doors. Just before they close, M3GAN jams the blade clean through David’s back and out his chest. She then tells the weeping Curt how this will look like a murder-suicide and he’ll be blamed for everything, before murdering the lowly assistant off-camera. 

If you haven’t seen M3GAN’s now-viral dance, you’ve somehow avoided the Internet for the last two months, because this weirdly trendy and incredibly unsettling routine is everywhere. Gerard Johnston came up with the idea for the scene, and Akela Cooper gave it her stamp of approval. As Cooper told Insider, “I didn’t write M3GAN dancing; I wrote her on a killing spree. When I saw it, I thought, ‘This is so weird, but it works. That makes the death all the more uncomfortable.'” 

We wholeheartedly agree. This is another perfect example of how “M3GAN” combines laughs and screams, often in the same sequence. The dance makes it seem like this emotionless robot is discovering a sick joy in killing, and her last words to Curt are the final nail in the scene’s twisted coffin.

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