The 12 Saddest Moments In Titanic

“You’re so stupid” might not sound like the defining line of an epic love story, but in the case of Jack and Rose, it marks an essential turning point for their relationship. After witnessing a father being separated from his children moments earlier, Jack tells Rose it’s her turn to board the lifeboat. Cal arrives and tells Rose the same: It’s the only instance in the film where Cal and Jack find themselves on the same side.

Initially, Rose acquiesces to their demands. But then, after an extended sequence of Jack and Rose looking at each other while the “Titanic” theme plays, Rose makes what is most certainly one of the most foolish decisions in the film. She can’t bear separating from Jack, so she jumps back on the ship at the last moment, and Jack races down the stairs to greet her.

This moment is when we get the “you’re so stupid” line, which is right on the money. Technically, it’s an instance of two star-crossed lovers reuniting, but we all know things will only get worse from here. Rose knows she may have signed her death warrant, as does Jack. But they allow themselves a brief moment of joy before things go to hell, which makes everything feel more tragic.

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