The 13 Best Mark Hamill Roles That Aren’t Luke Skywalker

You may not know about “Knightfall,” a short-lived show from the History Channel exploring the rise and fall of the Knights Templar, but it featured what is perhaps Mark Hamill’s grizzliest role to date. The show centers on Landry de Lauzon, portrayed by Tom Cullen, a Templar who leads a revival in the order following the re-emergence of the Holy Grail in France. “Knightfall” only lasted two seasons, but the second was graced by Hamill giving one of his only period performances, which is certainly a triumph to go out on.

After the events of Season 1, in which Landry sires a son out of wedlock with Queen Joan, the once proud Templar is deemed a sinner and stripped of his ranking. He is given the opportunity to re-enter the order, but as an initiate first. Hamill portrays his instructor, Master Talus, a no-nonsense knight who initially does not believe Landry is worthy of re-entry. However, after recognizing his steadfast spirit in training, Talus feels Landry has been reborn. Shortly after, Landry is reinstated just in time to fight alongside Talus as King Phillip declares war on the Templars.

Hamill goes all out in this historical role, decked out in period attire, and sporting long gray locks, a thick beard, and facial scars. Still, Hamill’s staunch facial expressions and growling, commanding voice shine through it all. However, it wouldn’t be a juicy Hamill role without its softer moments; in the third episode, “Faith,” Talus reveals he was a prisoner of war after the Siege of Acre, which tested his faith. It’s topped off by a great line delivery from Hamill: “When there’s nothing to hold onto, hold onto your faith.”

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