The Animated Series’ First Artwork Was ‘Overwhelming’ For Kevin Conroy

In an interview with Dan Allen Gaming in 2021, Kevin Conroy discussed the early days of working on “Batman: The Animated Series,” revealing his reaction to viewing the artwork and music that his voice would soon accompany:

“So it was that first ADR session when I first saw what it was going to look like. And I sat there in a studio, Warner Brothers, and this full screen came up, and this color came up, and the full symphony score, and this incredible artwork painted on a black background so everything was so dramatic. I looked at Bruce Timm and I said, ‘I had no idea this is what this was gonna look like, this is unbelievable!’ So, it was overwhelming to all the actors, really.”

I, too, would be overwhelmed seeing “Batman: The Animated Series” for the first time. It says a lot that Conroy, who is now synonymous with the series, was impressed by what he saw before his voice was attached to the titular character. The final product proved to be a perfect combination of talents, from Conroy’s voice acting to the distinctly dark tone. However, the neo-noir aesthetic remains a staple representation of what Batman is meant to feel like, and it initially served as a subversive take on the character.

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