The Bad Batch Goes Back To The Classic Western Roots Of Star Wars

This episode builds on the ending of the previous, and Echo’s departure from the Batch. Omega is inconsolable about it in a way that is very much how you’d expect a tween to react. Everything around her is changing and she hasn’t lived enough life to understand why these changes are normal. Hunter tries to soothe her by saying Echo is still part of the team, but on a different mission, but Tech is practically dismissive of her feelings. 

The episode is really built around the two of them being able to process their loss of Echo. For Omega, she wears that sadness and hurt on her sleeve and Tech compartmentalizes it away. It seems as though Tech and Omega haven’t had a lot of screen time together — she’s bonded a lot more with the other members of the squad—but it’s nice to see their personalities play off of each other. Tech is nothing but analytical and emotionless and Omega is his opposite. Watching them put that aside for them both to learn is really great to see.

She’s also so much of a classic kid. There are lines of dialogue and deliveries she has that I can see coming out of my kids, dripping with teenage venom or that perfect blend of sarcasm. The writing, heightened by Michelle Ang’s performance, is just so good for Omega. Dee Bradley Baker’s counterpoint performance only heightens it.

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