The Bad Batch Returns With A New Heist Behind Enemy Lines

This episode had some really excellent deep cuts to watch out for. One of my favorites is the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” opening. Here, we see most of the Bad Batch running from giant creatures after a heist toward a ship for a getaway, and the episode casts Omega and Tech as Jock Lindsey, waiting in the airplane to get away.

As they head out to Serenno, it’s a planet we’ve seen before as the home planet of Count Dooku. The Bad Batch find themselves at one point in Dooku’s throne room, where Asajj Ventress and her Nightsisters once tried to assassinate the Separatist leader.

In the first episode, Omega, Echo, and Tech find themselves aboard a Class Four Container Transport. We’ve seen these ships before. First, on “Star Wars Rebels”, when Chopper hijacked one and found the amusing and hilarious analyst droid AP-5. The Bad Batch also found themselves attached to one in the first season as they infiltrated Corellia.

The other big thing to watch out for is the cameo in these episodes. Playing Romar Adell is Hector Elizondo. He’s the one who shows Omega that toy and is saddened by the fact that she doesn’t recognize what it is because she’s a child. The war has taken its toll on everyone and the legendary 86-year-old character actor brings that gravitas to the part. I love that he wants the knowledge from his planet that Dooku erased and suppressed: their art, music, and culture. To me, his cameo seems as though they’re sowing the seeds of rebellion, even on the planet that brought us Count Dooku.

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