The Bad Batch’s Michelle Ang On Season 2 And Omega Becoming Part Of The Team [Exclusive Interview]

Where do we find Omega this season? Because there is a time skip going into season 2, how did the story of the first season impact her going into this one?

Well, when we pick up in the start of season 2, there has been about six months since we last saw her, so what we see is a very confident Omega. [She’s] competent in missions. She knows her place, she’s very much the good soldier. She is an integral part of the team and is comfortable enough in her place to make suggestions and we’ll see that sometimes her ideas are actually well-informed and quite clever.

I think we saw a taste in the trailer of her upgraded skills with her energy bow. Her brothers, particularly Tech and Echo, have been educating her and schooling her and putting her through training, which is important and also quite funny at times. And I think she’s very comfortable in the new life that they’ve set up for themselves as mercenaries. But of course, that gets challenged throughout season 2 and alternative possibilities about what their life and what their existence could be come up, so then Omega and her brothers have to work through that.

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