The Bad Batch’s Season 2 Time Jump Was Especially Important For Omega

Michelle Ang, who voices Omega, thinks the time skip going into season 2 deeply changed Omega, and she will continue to change throughout the season. As she told, “Omega’s shed off some of her childlike wonder”:

“We’re moving a little bit into adolescence. We’re moving into a space where Omega wants to have her views heard, wants to have a voice, and I think what’s interesting is she’s very much secure in her place in the Bad Batch.”

Indeed, throughout the season, Omega expresses her opinions more. She does so not in a way where she’s just objecting to what the others are doing, but rather demanding her opinion be taken seriously. More often than not, it is. “In Season 2, right from the jump, you get the impression, you see that Omega is very comfortable and the Batch absolutely value her and she has her own merits and her own skills that she adds to the squad,” says Ang.

As Ang told us during an interview prior to the season premiere, Omega has a naive worldview because, despite being technically older than her brothers in the batch, she has seen less of the world and knows less of its problems and cruelty. We see this in how quick she is to trust and to forgive, and in how quickly she jumps a the change to help or defend others. Omega lacks war experience, as she only left Kamino when she joined the Bad Batch

“[She’s] learning that there’s so many different powers at play in the universe and that her and her brothers being free and independent, they can make a choice about how they exist in the universe,” Ang told us. “And that’s sort of her journey along with the Batch to go through.”

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