The Barry Finale Let Cristobal Haunt Hank Until The Very End

Almost to a fault, “Barry” continues to subvert expectations, inventing a brand new form of motion choreography that by no means performs out in a standard means. “Wow” was preceded by a traditional setup the place Sally and her son John have been taken hostage by Hank to attract out Barry, making for all the trimmings of a traditional, bloody shootout. Instead, Fuches and his males arrive with weapons pointed earlier than Barry ever has an opportunity to play the hero. 

Fuches provides Hank an ultimatum, saying both they’ll all kill one another or Hank can admit that Cristobal’s loss of life was his fault, no matter whether or not it was an accident or not. In jail, Fuches has been brutally molded, day in and time out, to turn into the person he really is, and he desires Hank to confess that he is pretending to be somebody he is not. Hank buckles underneath the stress and breaks down from years of suppressed grief, with the statue of Cristobal leering behind him. 

It’s an extremely well-crafted shot that makes it seem as if the statue and the spirit of Cristobal are listening and judging Hank when he begins to inform the identical story to Fuches that he is been making an attempt to inform himself for years. But it wasn’t an accident, and Hank lastly breaks down in entrance of everybody, simply earlier than Fuches all of the sudden shoots him within the abdomen, igniting the sudden burst of short-lived, nearly comical violence that “Barry” has turn into well-known for. 

Proving that the very best moments in “Barry” at all times come on the most inopportune instances, Hank passes away laying on the toes of Cristobal’s statue clasping onto his golden hand. With his remaining breath, he turns into a part of the memorial to the lover he had murdered, a picture that may be nearly laughable if it wasn’t so unexpectedly heartbreaking. 

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