The Best Evil Dead Franchise Characters, Ranked

My first choice isn’t a character, but rather a number of characters. Ted Raimi, Sam Raimi’s little brother, has appeared in every installment in the “Evil Dead” franchise, save for the 2013 remake. 

Frankly, I couldn’t include just one Raimi role because they’re all so good. In the original “The Evil Dead,” Raimi was credited as “Fake Shemp,” which is movie lingo for the body double who steps in when the original actor isn’t available. For “Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn,” Raimi graduated to Deadite Henrietta Knowby, a role he reprised in “Ash vs Evil Dead.” In “Army of Darkness” he played a few bit parts, including Ash’s long-suffering S-Mart co-worker Ted. However, Raimi’s juiciest role — and my favorite — is Chet Kaminski, who appears in the second season of “Ash vs Evil Dead.” Chet is Ash’s best buddy from high school, and helps Ash lure a group of teenagers to a party with their signature cocktail only to get killed by Ash’s Deadite sister, Cheryl. 

Whether he’s playing a deranged ghoul, a disgruntled grocer, or a delightfully douchey Boomer trying to relive his glory days, Ted Raimi gave his all to his “Evil Dead” roles. However, as awesome as he always is, Raimi’s roles are usually bit parts and cameos — or, in the case of Chet, glorified comic relief. Thus, while Ted Raimi definitely deserves a spot on this list, I can’t place him higher than 12.

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