The Best Piece Of Advice Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Got From Greg Berlanti

Ahead of the show’s finale in late 2021, Melissa Benoist revisited her stint as the Woman of Tomorrow. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she shared what Greg Berlanti told her:

“The best piece of advice I’ve gotten in recent years, I think, came from Berlanti and he said it to me numerous times, where he’s told me in specific situations where I’ll be opening up to him, and he said, ‘Melissa, you have to tell people what you need and you have to fight for what you know you need to take care of yourself.'”

Although Berlanti’s advice may come across as a “simple sentiment,” Benoist added, it was easy to overlook because of the nature of the business. The actress was supported by her team if she ever needed to take a step back from filming — or if something “didn’t feel right.” It took Benoist some time to embrace the advice though, she noted:

“They were always on set when I would know that something didn’t feel right, or a moment where I knew I needed to take a step back or take a moment to myself, even just to breathe and meditate for five, 10 minutes, whatever I needed. But it also, I think, … is applicable to just life in general and I find myself using it all the time now. But it took me a really long time to actually embrace that idea.”

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