The Best Romance Movies Where The Couple Doesn’t End Up Together

A list of this nature wouldn’t be complete without one of the most beloved romances in film — the love story of Jack and Rose in James Cameron’s epic, “Titanic.” While there are several different genres running through “Titanic,” it’s the romance that holds it all together. When she first boards the Titanic, Rose (Kate Winslet) is a wealthy young woman engaged to be wed to a rather awful fellow, Cal (Billy Zane). Feeling hopeless about the future that’s been laid out for her, Rose contemplates suicide one night, only to be saved by a penniless young man with a taste for adventure, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio).

As Rose puts it later in the film, “He saved me, in every way that a person can be saved.” First, there are the two instances in which Jack literally saves Rose’s life, during their first meeting, and while the Titanic is sinking. But Rose is also talking about a figurative kind of saving — Jack gave her the freedom to live her life on her own terms and have every adventure she ever wanted to have.

Even if you’ve never seen “Titanic” before, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you know how it ends. The Titanic sinks, and Jack makes sure Rose is safely above water on a door while he meets his frigid death. But, in retelling the story at an old age, Rose doesn’t seem saddened by Jack’s death, at least not anymore. It’s a love story about freedom and empowerment, even if only one of them gets to live out that dream.

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