The Blue Beetle Credits Scene Teases A Big Piece Of DC Comics History

The post-credits scene for “Blue Beetle” is vastly different from the mid-credits scene. Following in the tradition of many other superhero movies, this is just a funny gag, referenced earlier in the movie. In the case of “Blue Beetle,” it’s a callback to a scene wherein Jaime’s uncle Rudy (played by George Lopez) hacks into Kord Industries by flooding their security feeds with clips of a stop-motion animated version of the iconic Mexican superhero sitcom “El Chapulín Colorado.” The show is a parody of superheroes, starring the titular Chapulín Colorado (the Red Grasshopper), a weak, clumsy hero with no powers, but whose heart of gold conquered generations of Latinos ever since the ’70s.

Creator and star Roberto Gómez Bolaños once described the appeal of the character as a real hero by comparing it to American characters like Batman and Superman, saying El Chapulín is a true hero because he is not powerful or fearless. “Heroism is not about lacking fear, but overcoming it,” he said in an interview. “El Chapulín Colorado is scared to death, he’s clumsy, weak, silly, and he’s aware of these flaws as he faces the problem.”

“Blue Beetle” is all about legacy, so it is rather cool that the movie also pays homage to the original Mexican superhero.

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