The Boys Creator Eric Kripke’s Take On Homelander’s Chilling Mirror Scene

Season 3 of “The Boys” is about the return of Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), Homelander’s predecessor as the world’s strongest “supe.” Like his inspiration Captain America, Soldier Boy spent decades on ice — after he reawakens, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) makes a deal with him to kill Homelander together.

In “Herogasm,” Homelander is doubting his ability to defeat Soldier Boy. So, his reflection decides to reassure him, reminding him of all the “bad times” he’s gotten them through. When Homelander admits he wants to be loved, his reflection tells him to ignore the “mud people” and cut out his “shriveled’ humanity like it’s a cancer, so he can be “pure — like marble.”

Kripke played armchair psychologist, diagnosing Homelander with Multiple Personality Disorder and saying the scene was an insight into the foundation of his problems:

“You know, our take on Homelander is even though he’s a sociopath, he’s also a human being who has reactions and feelings. To me, the biggest sin that Homelander commits is that he hates that he has feelings and he hates that he’s a human being. You know, if he embraced that part of him more, he might be a happier person who isn’t going to destroy the planet.”

Homelander doesn’t quite manage to follow his other half’s advice. When he learns Soldier Boy is his biological father, he instantly yearns for his acceptance — and is spurned. He has better luck with his son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), finally managing to win him over. Homelander does seem to love the boy (as much as he can), but I still don’t foresee him winning Father of the Year.

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