The Brilliant Way M3GAN Sets Up A Potential Sequel

Interestingly, the robot M3GAN actually operates in a world of threes: she is the third model created by Aunt Gemma (Allison Williams), the brand new addition to the family trio consisting of Gemma and her grieving nine-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), and she is one of three crucial pieces of technology that are introduced into the story. Early on, Cady meets Gemma’s college robotics project named Bruce, a user-operated first-gen version of M3GAN that becomes an unexpected hero during the ending when Gemma and Cady team up to take M3GAN down. Naturally, M3GAN is the second technologically advanced character, with the third being a futuristic version of Alexa that is supposed to only be activated and controlled by Gemma, the primary user. With Cady at the controls, Bruce destroys M3GAN in the end, leaving the harmless personal digital assistant sitting on the kitchen counter as Gemma and Cady walk out of the house together after supposedly destroying their family bot gone rogue. 

It was hinted at earlier in “M3GAN” that Gemma’s home controller wasn’t under her complete control, and that’s confirmed when it appears that M3GAN has downloaded herself into the device sometime before her demise. The home monitor actually seems to give a sassy wink to the camera that almost mimics the mean girl attitude M3GAN starts to develop. If that brashness is allowed to go completely untethered, M3GAN could have the potential to control any technological gadget at will. 

Obviously, that would have huge ramifications in a “M3GAN” sequel. That future reality would turn a killer robot franchise into something on a much grander scale, for better or worse. Most likely, a sequel would stick to the basics, but the final shot in “M3GAN” makes the world suddenly feel a lot larger. 

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