The Complete Fast And Furious Timeline Explained

In phrases of launch order, “Fast & Furious” is the fourth movie within the sequence, however it’s the third chronologically due to the aforementioned time soar in “Tokyo Drift.” This confusingly-titled sequel picks up proper the place “Los Bandoleros” leaves off, with Dom and his workforce about to execute their heist. It’s profitable, permitting Dom to offer again to his group, however he is frightened about Letty’s security. So, he makes the tough resolution to depart Letty behind and goes into hiding as soon as extra.

Dom’s retreat would not final lengthy. He returns to LA when he hears the surprising information of Letty’s demise. Dom learns that Letty was working with Brian — who’s now a part of the FBI — to take down a drug lord named Braga (John Ortiz). Even extra upsetting to Dom is that Letty did all of it for love: If the operation had been profitable, Dom’s file would’ve been cleared. Dom and Brian begrudgingly workforce as much as take down Braga, however Dom has one thing extra extreme than a easy arrest on his thoughts.

Dom and Brian workforce up with Braga’s second-in-command, Gisele (Gal Gadot), who is not significantly loyal to her boss. With her assist, Dom and Brian topple Braga and rekindle their bromance, however Dom cannot escape justice. Tragically, he is sentenced to 25 years in jail for his quite a few crimes. Thankfully, the ability of los angeles familia prevails, and the movie ends with Brian, Mia, and the remainder of the crew organizing a high-speed jail break.

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