The Complexity Of The Mosquito Coast Came Naturally To Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s performance in “The Mosquito Coast” was undoubtedly impressive, but as it turns out, it might not have been quite so effortless. The actor spoke to the Los Angeles Daily News in 1986 — the same year that “The Mosquito Coast” was released — and had the following to say about his role:

“…I found [shooting ‘The Mosquito Coast’] more exhausting mentally than physically because of the complexity of the role and the endless process of sorting out and reappraising where we were at. You had to be on your toes all the time.”

Now, this comment does admittedly contradict Ford’s later claims that the role was relatively easy to slip into, so it’s only natural to wonder which is true. Were the earlier comments more accurate since the experience of shooting “The Mosquito Coast” was fresh in his memory? Were recent on-set frustrations clouding his judgment? We’ll never know for sure, but given the fact that Ford would call Allie Fox his “best” role, it seems safe to say that the actor did ultimately enjoy the experience — a noteworthy feat in itself.

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