The Cult Status Of Jennifer’s Body Snuck Up On Megan Fox

In an interview with Vulture, Megan Fox talked about her relationship with “Jennifer’s Body.” The Q&A dives deep into interesting topics like how Fox was able to tap into the many layers of Jennifer in order to portray her in a believable, heartfelt way. However, one of the most surprising pieces of information to come out of the interview is that Fox was relatively oblivious to the fan-led campaign to reevaluate “Jennifer’s Body” and give it the proper recognition it deserves. 

She told Vulture, “I didn’t really understand how it had grown since we released it,” saying that she typically stays off the Internet (good call, Megan), relying on others to let her know when something major is happening with her work. “I didn’t really understand how the movie continued to gain fans through the years,” she explained. “I have in recent years noticed a lot of Jennifer Checks out at Halloween, but this year all of a sudden, there were all these requests for the ten-year anniversary and celebrating it.” This sudden, seemingly random burst of interest in a film that, by all accounts, was a box office flop at the time it was released, made Fox curious. “I started looking into it a little bit more,”  she said, “really understanding the impact that it’s had, and I just didn’t realize that it was being appreciated now the way that it is.”

It’s true that “Jennifer’s Body” has been revisited with a better critical lens than the one first applied to it back in 2009, and thankfully, Fox — who is phenomenal in the film — is finally aware of its impact so that she can rightfully enjoy the celebration of her work.

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