The Cut Barbie F-Bomb That Would Have Made Quite The Opening Statement

But somehow, Robbie and Gerwig did make this movie. Though the profane joke didn’t make the final cut, plenty of strange stuff still made it in, from Mattel’s discontinued pooping dog to an extended bit about the Kens “beaching” each other off. From the sound of it, Mirren’s F-bomb wasn’t nixed because the studio had objections, but because the entire bit with Curie was eventually axed, too. Still, it sounds like it still could’ve been a wild, tone-setting moment. “What the line was was, it was actually Helen Mirren saying to Marie Curie, ‘Pipe the f**k down, Marie Curie,'” Gerwig revealed to ReelBlend, adding, “That was like my favorite, because you know you only get like one F-bomb.”

The final version of the movie does feature one censored F-bomb, when the Kens ride into Kendom, only to realize that the Barbies have resumed control of their dream houses, making them dreamier than ever. “That’s because they’re dream houses, motherf***er,” Issa Rae’s President Barbie declares in a moment that inspired cheers in my theater. Her curse word is, hilariously, bleeped out with a Mattel logo covering her mouth. Gerwig confirmed that Rae gets the film’s sole F-bomb, but still clearly has a soft spot for the idea of posh-accented Mirren dropping a curse word in the film’s opening moments.

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