The Daily Stream: There Is So Much Star Wars Out There

I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to watch this for the first time again. It was a singular experience when I saw it. I knew there would be a sequel because mom and dad told me, but I didn’t really know what that meant. I just knew that when John Williams’ music started, I was transported. I wanted every book and toy. I wanted to rewatch it over and over. I wanted to be Princess Leia and have a lightsaber. (Don’t ever tell me Rey isn’t a dream come true because, to me, she is.) 

I’ve heard from kids that grew up with the prequels that the first film is slow, but to me, it’s just … simple. It’s the hero’s journey from innocence to discovery, through heartbreak and tribulations to triumph. It was pure in a way that very few movies are or can be anymore. The effects were incredible for the time but now seem quaint … and yet that’s part of the appeal. If George Lucas could have stuffed more in there, he would have … and did years later. Yeah, I love those versions as well. As an adult, I love more complex stories set in the universe like “Andor,” but there is still a part of me that finds the simple story that started it all to be the best part of the universe. 

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