‘The Falling Star’ First Look: Abel & Gordon Film Premieres at Locarno

“Lost in Paris” directing duo Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon have shared a first look at their new film “The Falling Star,” which premieres at this year’s Locarno Film Festival.

Abel and Gordon also star in the film, which follows Boris (Abel), a former activist who works at a bartender at the Falling Star. According to the film’s official synopsis, Boris’ “guilty past resurfaces when a victim finds him and wants revenge. The appearance of a double, the depressed and solitary Dom (Abel), provides Boris, his resourceful partner Kayoko and their faithful friend Tim with the perfect escape plan. But they haven’t accounted for Dom’s ex-wife (Gordon), a suspicious detective on their trail.”

The new clip sees Gordon, as Dom’s ex-wife Fiona, going to great lengths to transport a tall sunflower stalk. She arrives at a graveyard and, after delivering the sunflower to a particular grave, lets out a single, mighty tear.

In a director’s note, Abel and Gordon further explained that “The Falling Star” takes place “in a world of social turmoil: today. Every time we open the door we can hear the chant: a world with no conscience is destroying the world. We’ve placed our disgraced political hero in this contemporary context. Boris continues to bury his head in the sand whilst all around him, ardent activists protest for a fairer, cleaner world. In parallel, we follow a more intimate struggle with Dom and Fiona, two social misfits who continue to exist in a world that continues to exist without them.”

Abel and Gordon continued, “Pessimism, nihilism and melancholia irrigate ‘The Falling Star,’ but our ensemble of morally inept characters fill our film noir with vibrant, jubilant color.”

“The Falling Star” also stars Kaori Ito as Kayoko, Philippe Martz as Tim, Bruno Romy as Georges, Bruce Ellison as Homer and Céline Laurentie as Patricia.

Watch an exclusive clip from “The Falling Star” below.

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