The Flash Soundtrack Debuts Two Tracks, With Music ‘On The Edge Of Being Impossible To Perform’

As talked about, “The Flash” will happen all through a number of parallel dimensions, with superheroes from every uniting to struggle villains that had been presumed lifeless (Michael Shannon might be reprising his function as General Zod, first seen within the 2013 movie “Man of Steel”). As such, Benjamin Wallfisch wished a rating that felt like a number of orchestras colliding. The sound was meant to be huge, overwhelming, and with a number of musical themes interacting with each other. “Worlds Collide” is a observe, Wallfisch stated, that can seem in the course of the climax of “The Flash,” when all of the characters might be on display screen directly. The composer defined:

“‘Worlds Collide’ was a cue that Andy (Muschietti) and I iterated on — probably over 50 times — to get just right, even as the orchestra was recording it. Andy’s incredibly creative ideas meant adjusting the music and musicians in real time. The track is built on a chord progression where the outer voices of the chords move towards each other, almost pulled together by a powerful gravitational force, whilst always building in intensity. At the apex, there’s about 17 layers of orchestra playing together — probably over 1,000 musicians!” 

Worlds collide, certainly. 

A canny ear may additionally be capable of hear notes paying homage to Danny Elfman’s well-known rating from Tim Burton’s “Batman,” a becoming musical callback, seeing as Michael Keaton is returning. It is also meant to evoke one other Elfman piece: the theme track to the 1990 “The Flash” live-action TV collection (itself a little bit paying homage to “Batman”). Either manner, the reference works.

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