The Glass Onion Atrium Needed To Be ‘Slightly Tacky’ On Purpose

In an interview with Variety, Johnson discussed the creation of the titular Glass Onion, which was always meant to feel sporadic:

The atrium space is basically three sets in one. With each of three big setpieces, we move to a different space: the vibrant red of the seating area, the austere black and crystal of the Mona Lisa space, and then the bizarro Greek-ruins section where the dining table is. [Rick Heinrichs] wanted it to feel slightly tacky because they don’t belong together but also to merge together, so your eyes don’t throw up. It’s kind of extraordinary what he did.”

Despite the fact that the house in “Glass Onion” is quite beautiful from the outside, the interior is less alluring. As Johnson noted, the shockingly out-of-place, tacky additions to the home are organized in a way that doesn’t throw us off too much. However, putting the actual Mona Lisa in a room along with an assortment of random art pieces, and a cart filled with Jared Leto’s hard kombucha, speaks to Miles Bron’s lack of taste and originality.

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