The Golden Globes Don’t Matter, And You Really Shouldn’t Care About Them In The Slightest

Everyone loves Brendan Fraser, and he’s been having a lovely renaissance thanks to shows like “Doom Patrol” and his moving performance in Darren Aronofsky’s “The Whale.” He was nominated for a Golden Globe for the latter, but previously told GQ that he would boycott the ceremony regardless of a possible nomination due to his history with the organization. Fraser referred to a 2003 incident in which he said former HFPA president Phillip Berk groped him during a luncheon, causing him significant trauma and contributing to his withdrawal from the spotlight for over a decade. Even after Fraser publicly condemned Berk and a formal investigation concluded that the event happened (though Berk alleged it was a joke), Berk was not suspended from the organization or reprimanded in any way. He was eventually ousted in 2021 for making racist remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement, but given that many of the same members that continued to support him after Fraser’s allegations are still in the HFPA, a change in leadership doesn’t mean all that much. 

Fraser’s treatment isn’t the only case of alleged harassment by members of the HFPA, as their private press conferences also came under fire. Novak told NPR:

“It was really problematic. We had clients experience homophobia during press conferences, blatantly racist remarks during press conferences, certainly a lot of sexist remarks. It’s important to acknowledge the past and never forget the damage that was done because it was significant. But I really do encourage everyone to concentrate on the promise that they’ve made to continue to reform.”

Promises for reform don’t matter without genuine reflection and apologies, neither of which seem to have happened. Instead, the “new and improved” Golden Globes feels like it’s simply sweeping the past under the rug. 

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