The Hunt For Red October Director Fought For Undersea Realism, But The Studio Had Other Ideas

Boss Film was a visible results firm that served as a competitor to ILM within the ’80s and ’90s, engaged on movies like “Ghostbusters” and “Big Trouble in Little China.” McTiernan had beforehand labored with them on “Die Hard,” which presumably is why he retained their providers once more for “The Hunt for Red October,” however the issue got here when McTiernan needed Boss Film to attain what he noticed as a practical search for a submarine slicing via the ocean. As Beck defined:

“The thing [John McTiernan] was searching for was — it was actually a very practical understanding. He was searching for the effect that large mass moving through waters at a certain speed generate bioluminescence — a glow, if you will. And all the stuff that they had done for it at Boss, the studio looked at it and said, ‘What in the hell is all this glowing stuff?’ And he kept trying to rectify what he was searching for, and they just wouldn’t have it, until the studio finally just took the picture away from them and said, ‘Look, these guys are going to do it. Here’s the boards. Go with God, get this thing done.’ So Boss lost a film, we finished it up to the studio’s acceptance and it went out and was a big hit.”

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