The Jungle Fight In The Incredibles Is The Best Action Scene Ever

The super-powered Parr family has never been more scattered and alone. Discovering that patriarch Bob (aka Mr. Incredible, voiced by Craig T. Nelson) has been lying for months about his fancy new job and increased pay, unable to set aside his superhero ways like the law requires of them, his wife Helen (aka Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter) tracks her husband down and travels to the remote island location where he was last known to be. Her two children Violet (Sarah Vowell) and Dash (Spencer Fox) end up stowing away on the journey, although they soon become stranded when their fancy jet is shot out of the sky. Forced to develop their powers for the first time in their lives, the kids are left to fend for themselves while Helen mounts a rescue of Bob from the clutches of the villainous Syndrome (Jason Lee).

The deceptively complex chase sequence begins when Dash and Violet inadvertently trigger the island’s defense systems, sending them on the run with absolutely no backup from the high-flying goons sent to take them down. From the thick of the jungle to the open water to a dangerous cave system, the action spans several different locations and never once runs the risk of feeling stale. And without having to abide by the logistical constraints that would’ve plagued any live-action recreation of this scene, Brad Bird and his army of animators were free to develop the most visceral, thrilling, and surprisingly hard-hitting sequence that they could build from scratch — one that never once lost sight of how to tell character through action.

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