The Key Considerations That Went Into Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Live-Action Costumes

One would possibly observe simply from trying on the footage that the uniforms in “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” are way more textured than the uniforms from basic “Star Trek” and “Next Generation” episodes. The older uniforms had been stable colours and comprised of a non-wrinkly polyester-looking materials. It would not be till the 2009 “Star Trek” movie that the uniforms would start to include a textured microprint, lending them a extra shadowed, dynamic look. That texture would carry over into “Star Trek: Discovery” in addition to “Strange New Worlds.” “Lower Decks,” after all, is animated in a broad stylized design, and that kind of element wasn’t included. The query then arises: Do the live-action “Lower Decks” uniforms embody the microprint? Croft recollects asking herself that, and needed to make some selections about coloration. In her phrases: 

“The key things to consider were: Were we going to use microprint on the uniforms? Should the fabric and colors be the same as the ‘Strange New Worlds’ uniforms? Interestingly, when you see the animation, the color of the pants is charcoal, they’re not black. And also, the soles of the boots have this distinct logo. Even the way Mariner wears her uniform in this nonchalant way, she has her sleeves rolled — these are all very important references for me and I always had to take note of those particular things.” 

Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) is without doubt one of the lead “Lower Decks” characters and fancies herself a rule-breaker and a rogue, one thing that has stored her an ensign for a few years. Newsome will even be enjoying Mariner in live-action, and it appears Croft was delicate to the best way she wears her garments in animated kind.

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