The Last Of Us Episode 5 Feels Very Much Like A Video Game Level

Speaking of fate, just before Kathleen can execute Henry, one of the militia trucks explodes and opens a hole in the ground, from which comes out a whole horde of infected! Better yet, we finally get a look at the meaning bloater we first saw in the trailer. He is huge, he is terrifying, and he rules.

What follows is an absolute massacre, a “Day of the Dead”-like nightmare, with the infected quickly overrunning and tearing the militia guys apart. Though he saved Sam from the illness, Henry’s actions doomed the entire Kansas City settlement. As the group manages to escape the mayhem and leave town, we see the sight of a little infected girl killing Kathleen while the rest of the horde runs around, heading towards the city. He did so because of his love for his brother, but was it right?

After they leave, Joel tells Henry they can stick around and accompany them, it might do Sam and Ellie some good to have a friend their age — and based on their dynamic and the fun they had playing soccer in the tunnel hideout, he’s right.

Later, once they settle for the night, Sam asks Ellie if she is ever afraid, to which Ellie responds she is scared all the time, scared of ending up alone. Sam says he is scared of what happens when you turn into a monster, and the idea that he’ll still be himself, trapped inside the infected body. Turns out, he was bitten in the leg, and even though Ellie tells him she is immune and tries to cure him by pouring some of her blood on her wound, Sam succumbs to the infection by the following morning.

When Ellie approaches him, Sam tries to kill her, before Henry stops him by shooting his brother in the head and then shooting himself out of grief. Ellie is in absolute shock but quickly brushes it off and acts normal. Joel knows she is lying and sees Ellie buried Sam’s notepad with him with the words “I’m sorry” written on it.

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