The Last Voyage Of The Demeter Is Getting Praise From Two Absolute Movie Legends

“The Last Voyage of the Demeter” adapts a single chapter from Stoker’s novel titled “The Captain’s Log,” which covers the vampire’s journey across the sea. But what happened on that voyage? Nothing good. It tells the story of the merchant ship Demeter, which was chartered to carry private cargo in the form of 50 unmarked wooden crates from Carpathia to London. The impressive ensemble cast includes Corey Hawkins (“Kong: Skull Island”), Aisling Franciosi (“The Nightingale”), Liam Cunningham (“Game of Thrones”), and David Dastmalchian (“Dune”), with monster actor extraordinaire Javier Botet as Dracula.

Unfortunately, this movie is going to need all the help it can get as competition is fierce in theaters right now. “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” are still going strong, with “Meg 2” and “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem” entering their second weekends. We’ve also got both “Strays” and “Blue Beetle” hitting theaters next weekend. It certainly doesn’t help that the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes are preventing the cast from promoting the film, although strikes are meant to be disruptive, after all.

That being said, having respected voices like Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro out here shining a spotlight is more than a nice gesture. But they’re not the only ones who liked it, it’s worth pointing out. You can read /Film’s 6 out of 10 review by Chris Evangelista right here. If “‘Alien’ but on a boat” with a feral Dracula sounds appealing to horror fans out there, this might well be the movie for you.

“The Last Voyage of the Demeter” is in theaters now.

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