The Live-Action Film Adaptation Of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible Is Still Happening

It’s been 20 years now since the “Invincible” comic, about a teen named Mark Grayson who inherits his father’s superhero legacy, published its first issue back in January 2003. News of a potential film adaptation first broke in 2017 when the comic was still in the midst of its 144-issue run and the “Invincible” streaming series had yet to premiere. At the time, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen had another comic book adaptation, “Preacher,” still going on TV, and they were said to be writing, directing, and producing the “Invincible” movie for Universal.

From what Robert Kirkman says now, it sounds like the success of the “Invincible” TV series is helping the movie regain momentum, though that may just be optimism on the part of a creator who has seen his pet film project get stuck in development hell. With Goldberg and Rogen executive producing the TV series and Rogen voicing the aforementioned Allen the Alien, though, they’re both still hanging around the animated corner of Burger Mart with Kirkman. So who knows, maybe they’re keeping the seat warm for live-action, too.

In the “Invincible” season 2 teaser, Allen pointedly asks protagonist Mark Grayson, voiced by Steven Yeun, “When are you going back out there? The world needs more ‘Invincible.'” He demands a specific release date for the season and gets the ballpark figure of “late 2023 (more or less).” Hopefully, viewers won’t have to wait all the way until 2033 to see the “Invincible” movie.

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