The Luther Movie Script Is So Dark It Made Andy Serkis Want To ‘Throw It In The Bin And Have A Shower’

Serkis’s killer character, David Robey (seen above in a robey), has gone up against Luther in the past, but with the daring detective behind bars, he’s able to really wreak havoc. He uses advanced technology to spy on people, including tracking their actions on the internet and even the dark web. He uses that information to manipulate people, helping him get away with what sounds like literal murder. Serkis told Total Film: 

“When I first read the script, I almost wanted to throw it in the bin and have a shower. I don’t think I’ve come across anything quite as dark for a long time. And I thought: ‘In fact, do I really actually at this point in the world and time and my life, want to go down this particular rabbit hole of something that’s so hard to fathom in humanity?'”

Yikes. I’ll never forget recommending the series to my dad and having him tell me it was “actually too intense,” so maybe Serkis isn’t alone in his feelings. “Luther” is a murder mystery police procedural that gets into the grittiest, nastiest bits of humanity that most other shows aren’t willing to delve into, and it sounds like “The Fallen Sun” is going to do the series justice. 

“Luther: The Fallen Sun” will premiere on Netflix in March 2023.

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