The Mark Hamill Quality That Made Him Kevin Conroy’s Ideal Batman Co-Star

Kevin Conroy praised Mark Hamill’s enthusiasm, calling his co-star “generous” and saying that he loves other actors and especially when they’re doing well. He mentioned one specific day in the studio where Hamill’s childlike joy in what was happening around him made Conroy point it out to everyone. He said:

“I was in the studio with him once, and I suddenly burst out laughing, and Andrea [Romano, casting director, and voice director] said, ‘Kevin! Stop it; why are you laughing?’ I said, ‘Look at Mark!’ And he was over across the room, and he was going like this [resting chin on hands], and he was staring at one of the other actors, and he looked like he was about 12. He looked like a 12-year-old kid looking at a candy store, you know? I said, ‘Look at Mark! He looks like he’s 12!’ And because he was delighting in this other person’s performance. 

Conroy went on to say that he especially loved working with Hamill because he has a wonderful sense of generosity. “Not all actors are generous that way, you know? Some of them are only concerned about themselves and their own performance, but Mark really loves to watch other people work, and he gives me so much to work with, and it’s wonderful that he has said I give him an awful lot too,” he said. “So we work really well together.”

Is there any mental picture more lovely than that, Bat-fans? You can just see it in your head, can’t you? It’s hard to imagine that we won’t hear more from the Conroy/Hamill pairing, but at least we have years of their work together. “Batman: The Killing Joke” is streaming on HBO Max right now. 

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