‘The Menu’ Dinnerware: Where to Buy

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When self-proclaimed foodie Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and his date Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) take their seats in the extraordinarily exclusive restaurant called The Hawthorne, special enough to be located on its own secluded island of the same name, they’re told one thing before diving into their $1,200 meal. “Don’t eat,” Chef Slowik, who has assembled the ever-changing farm-to-table menu, says. “Taste.”

Throughout the cutting dark comedy “,” which serves as a satire of today’s hyper-pretentious dining culture, a number of dishes are served that requires a real stretch of the imagination to be considered real food. There’s slightly frozen seawater, a bread-less bread plate, deconstructed chicken tacos with scissors in it and a lot of foam — all creations of Chef Slowik’s lab-like gastronomy experiments. But if the pretentious food in the “The Menu” doesn’t make your mouth water, the gorgeous dinnerware on which it’s served might pique your interest — and the exact same plates featured in the film are available to shop online.

Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures

The Italian tabletop stalwart Ginori was used to plate the dinner’s fifth course of bone marrow, vegetables and beef jus which was also featured on the film’s movie poster. The plates are a part of the Oriente Italiano collection, boasting a rich forest green adorned with Florentine-inspired carnations. The classic pieces take on a delicately undulating Antico Doccia shape and are handcrafted in Italian porcelain.

As expected, the dinnerware used at the fictional “temple of haute cuisine” comes at a price. The plates cost $110 apiece. But if you’re looking to impress guests with a luxe table-scape any time soon, then you know where to look. Shop the Ginori plates featured in “The Menu” below:

Ginori Oriente Italiano Dinner Plate

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Ginori Oriente Italiano Dinner Plate $110 Buy Now

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